How to share large files on internet with 150 million registered users with $42 million revenue has been shut down. Megaupload was a very popular file sharing site. Mega Upload domain has been seized by FBI against sharing of illegal files and for distributing pirated softwares.

File sharing is very important as you need to trasfer large files over a huge distance, from office to home or vice versa. so here we have few alternatives for file sharing sites to be used :

Alternatives of

S.No.Site NameWebsite URL
1Box | Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage
2Deposit Files
3Dropbox - Simplify your life Free file hosting - fast & secure, userfriendly & reliable
5FileSonic, fast and easy file storage.
6Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire
7Minus - Free Image and File Sharing
8Online File Sharing, Send large files, Managed File Transfer
9RapidShare – Secure Data Logistics
10Welcome to Oron.com
11Windows Live SkyDrive - Online document storage and file sharing
12Wupload, ultimate file hosting.

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