How is HTML5 Important for Web Developers?

Since HTML5 is the current and most up to date version of the standard coding language used to create online

How is HTML5 Important for Web Developers?
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content, it’s easy to say it’s important basically because it’s a vital necessity for designing web pages. It’s making many aspects of web design easier, and allowing new formats like the flipbook (visit the website) to become popular.

But we can look a little closer and take a peek at some of the more specific new features and what the benefits are of the new HTML version.

Better for Multi-Media

Media is king these days, and web pages have to handle a mix of graphics, photos, video and audio elements more than ever. New tags (<video> and <audio>) have been added to make this easier and to allow for more specific control over various forms of media.

Better at Page Organization

A whole series of new tags will help keep the structure and organization of a page together. Tags like <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <figure> and <article> can all be used as tools to sort out your text and content for better display and control. This kind of content works better for SEO as well, allowing search engines to establish context better for your text and keywords.

Better at Gathering Input

We all know that staying in touch and connecting with visitors is a vital part of maintaining a successful website, and developments in HTML5 is making that simpler and more effective. You can collect data and build better forms with tags like <email>, <date>, <time> and <url>. Since the tags are designed for specific types of information, they will respond more quickly if filled in improperly.

Better Use of Applications

Older plugins like Flash and Silverlight have allowed for better functions in web sites, but they are not supported universally anymore (particularly with iPhones) and HTML5 has grown to bridge the gap. The language itself can handle interactions between your device and the web page, making plugins much less important (or completely unnecessary).

Changes from HTML4

While not a benefit per se, knowing what tags have changed in the switch from HTML4 to HTML5 is important for web designers. There are too many to list here, but many older tags and codes have been depreciated or now have different functions in HMTL5, such as <b>, <u> and even <hr>. If you are designing web pages, you need to know which older codes need to be eliminated from your daily use.

Continued Benefits

Not all the benefits of HTML5 are based on new or updated tags. In many ways, it’s still a very important markup language because of how it interacts with other forms of coding, which hasn’t changed. Cascading style sheets (CSS) are still vital for establishing the look and feel of a page, and Javascript still works seamlessly to add interactive functions.

These are just a few prominent places where HTML5 has improved and why it is important for web developers to be familiar with this version of the language.

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