301 Htaccess redirection

301 redirection is a permanent redirection and is used for moving visitors and search engine spiders from one webpage to another.  301 Redirection is sufficient condition for search engines to know that old page has been migrated to another page and old page is dead.

Webmaster Tips

Big traffic change for top URL

Recently there are very big changes occurred in Google Organic search Results and Google webmasters have got following notifications in their webmaster tools.
“Search results clicks for http://xyz.com/ have increased significantly. Yay!”
“Search results clicks for http://xyz.com/ have decreased significantly.”

These casused increased in traffic for some and for rest it got decreased. 100% recovery tips for webmasters who got decrease in traffic.

How to share large files on internet

MegaUpload.com with 150 million registered users with $42 million revenue has been shut down. Megaupload was a very popular file sharing site. Mega Upload domain has been seized by FBI against sharing of illegal files and for distributing pirated softwares.