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Reaching heights with Apt SEO practices

Best SEO practices for your website or blog. With these SEO process you can easily get your website rank for highly competitive keywords as well. These steps are simple and easy to implement which even a noob can implement. Read more to know about APT SEO Practices.

How to check PageRank

There are many ways through which you can check Google PageRank. It’s basically a patient technology founded and named after Larry Page. Each webpage or URL on WWW has got a PageRank, even each document like PDF, DOC, XLS, XLSX, MP3 etc have an Google PR. Know more about Google PR.

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Classified ad posting website list

Get 100+ websites for posting your classified advertisements. Classified advertisements have got numerous benefits and are considered a best way to build backlinks. Get a huge list of websites for advertisement posting.

Google Page Rank Update May 2012

Google Has rolled out its toolbar PageRank on 3 May 2012. In today’s update many website are left untouched. Most of blogs having a page rank of 0 have got Google Toolbar Page rank of 1. Get more insights of Google PR.

Blog Commenting

How to find Do Follow Blogs for blog commenting

Blog commenting is very important aspect in link building for getting backlinks. After the Google panda and penguin [Web Spam] Algorithm updates it has became really hard to rank high for competitive traffic, even the websites doing white hat SEO are fighting very hard to maintain their current positions. Get higher SERP with Blog commentings.

Webmaster Tips

Big traffic change for top URL

Recently there are very big changes occurred in Google Organic search Results and Google webmasters have got following notifications in their webmaster tools.
“Search results clicks for have increased significantly. Yay!”
“Search results clicks for have decreased significantly.”

These casused increased in traffic for some and for rest it got decreased. 100% recovery tips for webmasters who got decrease in traffic.