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Get Better SERP in and

Consider following two cases:
Case 1.

My website is ranking on first page of with high traffic keyword but does not lie anywhere in

Case 2.

My website is ranking well for most of keywords on first of but its ranking is far away from first page on

This is a major problem that many Webmasters are facing, Many times such cases arise due to geo targeting of website, if you have set specific country in Google Webmaster tools then your website will rank for that particular Tld. For an instance you are targeting Google India in Google Webmaster tools, then your website will rank better in and it may happen it may not rank well for and vice versa.

Probable solution:

If your problem is similar to case1, then you may change setting of targeted country to India in Google webmaster tools.

Few more tips to get good rank in

  • Host your website on an Indian server (It also helps in reducing latency rates of hosting and thus your site opens faster in India rather than other country servers.)
  • Get some backlink from high authority Indian domains with or .in extensions.
  • If possible use Domain name with extension of .in or
  • Do submissions in local directories.

Now consider case 2 i.e. your website is ranking well in but not in  Follow following steps for getting better ranks in

  • Check whether you have set Geo-Target for your website to India. If yes, then remove the Geo-Target of your website and set it to Global.
  • Try getting backlinks from different Tld’s like, .org, .net, .pk, .info, etc.
  • Get Backlinks from high authority websites which distribute content to global audiences.
  • Do more submissions in Global directories.

Please note that these are the probable solutions to improve rankings and getting better SERP in all as well as other tld’s like,, etc.

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  1. Keywords not ranking in

    My websites is not ranking in us for major keywords, whereas it ranks well in other like,, etc. please do let me know about its solution how can I get better rankings in Google USA.

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