List of pligg sites

Pligg is very popular CMS for creation of social bookmarking websites. Here we do have a list of social bookmarking website which are based on Pligg CMS. Social bookmarking is an great way to share your favorite links with your friends and family. Moreover they also have importance in Search Engine Optimizations because they do provide backlinks also.

For better performance of social bookmarking, you can follow few tips for submissions of Social Bookmarking:

  • Spun your content for social bookmarking each time you submit on new website.
  • Submit your bookmarks on different C class IP’s.
  • Submit your bookmarks on high PR Social bookmarking websites.


List of Social Bookmarking Sites


WebSite Name IP Address of Website.

Your comments are welcomed for this list of pligg sites

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  1. Thanks for this huge list of pligg sites, It also helped me in searching of pligg sites. How to find pligg sites? here is perfect footprints to find pligg sites.

    “Powered by Pligg”
    “powered by pligg” Home Login “Register”

    Hope now you can also find Pligg bookmarking sites.

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