How to write effective classified advertisement

Write Effective Classified Ads

Classified submissions is one of best technique to generate one way links to your website, keeping few Points in mind while writing classified ads will help you in getting your traffic converted to your business leads:

Write an effective advertisement.

Classified ads are limited to words and you have to be sure that your advertisement has got an effective title, description and a website url of relevant product page, moreover you can include an offer price for a particular products.

Submissions of your advertisement.

Submit your ads to good classified sites which have some good traffic, moreover you should search for classified websites which have got local geographical searches. Even you can search for your competitor’s advertisement and put your ads in those websites.

Usage of Images in Classified ads.

Use Images in Classified advertisements not only helps in brand building of your product but also gives a good look and feel to users.

Choose correct category of advertisement.

While submitting your advertisement in online advertisement website, you should be peculiar about choosing correct category. For an instant, if you are submitting an advertisement of cricket you may also be interested in positing same ad in games, hobbies etc.

Adding your geographical location to ads.

Adding path to your store can help visitors to find location of your store easily. You can use Google Maps to point your location.

Tracking your ads.

You should continuously track your submitted classified advertisement. Create multiple instances of ads for same product. Later on you continue with the ads which are generating more business leads.

An Ideal advertisement can be as



Contact Number

[Time of call]

Website URL

How to reach [with opening hours.]

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