How to optimize title tag

Optimizing title tag for SEO

Title tag is most important thing in on page seo. Most of search engines allow a title tag of 70 characters.
A title has to be catchy enough so that when a user searches for any query in Search Engines, the probability of getting click by user increases many fold times.
The title should be able to give a glimpse of whole body content, whatever you wanna say in your blog post/ website.
Title Tag is placed inside head tag.
For example

Title Goes hereā€¦

Optimizing title tag for SEO
Optimizing the title tag for seo means optimizing the title tag for keywords, i.e. making title keyword rich. Most common practices to make a title keyword rich is separate via pipe sign (|), a dash (-) or by comma(,).
For example:
Keyword 1 | Keyword 2 | Keyword 3
Keyword 1 – Keyword 2 – Keyword 3
Keyword 1 , Keyword 2 , Keyword 3
Moreover the best practices to produce a title tag of 70 characters with a meaningful sentence.

How to change Title tag in wordpress?

For optimizing wordpress post/pages title tags you can use various SEO plugin like ALL in one SEO, Yoast etc.
With the proper use of Keyword rich seo tags you can boost SERP and with proper capitalization of keywords in Title tags you can increase the click through ration from search engines.

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