How to check PageRank

There are many ways through which you can check Google PageRank. Google PageRank is an importance of a page in eyes of Google. It’s basically a patient technology founded and named after Larry Page. Each webpage or URL on WWW has got a PageRank, even each document like PDF, DOC, XLS, XLSX, MP3 etc have an Google PR.

How to check Google PageRank

You can use different ways to measure page rank.

  • You can measure PR through online websites like etc.
  • You can use Google Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Several third party tool and extensions are available for checking Google PageRank.

Check PageRank using Google Toolbar

You can download Browser extensions to check PageRank.

Firefox Addon for checking Google PageRank:

Search Status is my favorite addon for Mozilla Firefox, to check Alexa and PageRank. You can set this addon in status bar of Mozilla Firefox. Search Status shows PageRank and Alexa in bar format which can be easily switched to display PageRank and Alexa into text format.

Chrome Extension for checking Google PR:

SEO for Chrome has got many options and takes large time for opening, therefore my preferred chrome extension for checking Page Rank is SEO Status it’s a light weight, fast extension for checking alexa and page rank in chrome.

How to check PageRank of Expired domain?

If you found expired domain name with good traffic and wanted to know about its PageRank, then you may use for checking its page rank. With a simple user interface and easy steps its best site to check pagerank of any webpage, expired domain name etc. even you can find pagerank of any pdf, doc, mp3 etc.

How to check Bulk PageRank

If you need to check mass Google PR then you may use This website gives you PageRank of all URL’s very quickly and even you can download them in CSV (comma separated values) format.

Some questions about PageRank

How to check whether PageRank is fake?
You can find out fake page rank via checking through various tools as well as checking whether website is redirected or not. If the webpage is 301 redirected, then it may have Fake PR.
Does it help in increasing traffic?

No, there are no relations between traffic and PageRank. Both are completely different things and depends on different things.

How often PageRank changes?

Every time Google crawl a Page, it assigns a value to each links depending on various factors. We only see a toolbar PageRank value which is updated occasionally.

When was last Page Rank Update occurred?

Last PR update has occurred on May 3, 2012.

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