Google Page Rank Update May 2012

May 3, 2012, Google Page Rank Update of 2012. Today on 3 May 2012 Google has updated its second PageRank of 2012.
Google Has rolled out its toolbar PageRank on 3 May 2012. In today’s update many website are left untouched. Most of blogs having a page rank of 0 have got Google Toolbar Page rank of 1.

Google Page Rank Update May 2012

For those guys who don’t know about Page rank, PageRank is an Importance of any page in eyes of Google. Page Rank is updated frequently which can be measured via various toolbar and third party websites. Google Toolbar PR is not updated on regular intervals and there is no fix date for its update. There are many factors on which Page Rank depends and one of most important is Backlinks. Google Counts the number of Backlinks for a particular Page

2012 Page Rank Updates

In this year, till today there are been only 2 updates;

  • First PageRank update of 2012 was on 7 Feb 2012.
  • Second PageRank update is 3 May 2012.

Myth about PageRank

  • Google Toolbar PR is updated on daily basis.
    • This is completely wrong; there is no fix date on which Google Toolbar Page Rank is updated.
  • High PR websites have good traffic.
    • Traffic or volume of visitors does not depend on Page Rank. Page Rank  is just an measurement of Google
  • PDF, MP3 Excel Files do not have Page Rank.
    • Page Rank is all about the web pages not websites or blogs. Each individual link may have a visible Page Rank.

When will be next PR update?

As you can see the trend of last Page Rank updates:

  • Current Page Rank Update: 3 May 2012
  • Previous Page Rank Update: 6 Feb 2012
  • Pagerank updated on November 7th 2011.
  • Pagerank updated on August 4th 2011.

So likely the chances of next PR update is after 3 months i.e. August 2012. Please note that it’s a probable date of next PR Update which could be in August 2012.
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