How to make your stock images appear in Google Image search

Google Image Search Optimization

Google is always at its algo, fine tuning its main web search results. In the last couple of months, we have seen a barrage of SEO updates that include Panda, Vincent, Search Plus Your World and so go. But what about image search results? Well Apart from the newly inducted option to search with images, there has not even a major update so far to refine the image search result. So, this simply means that as a webmaster of a stock photography sites, you might have to do more to make the images appear in Google image search. However, image optimization does not involve stuffing the images with loads of keywords, nope they are not going to do any good to your website. There are some time-tested tricks involve that can make your stock photography get its share of visibility in Google image search. Lets begin the journey:

1. Do the Basics

Since Google image bot is not that much sophisticated, you need to feed some information about the images so that it can relate the image with the related search queries. For example, you should use proper and judicious alt tags against each image and try to incorporate ideal captions for images. The name of the image files should be logically proper. Like if you are trying make a web design sample image appear in search result, you need to use a name like this – web-design.jpg rather than random images like – 123xp.jpg. It makes sense for both the visitors and search engines.

2. Use canonical Tag to solve faceted Navigation:

Since you are a webmaster of a stock photography site, you know how normal it is to have the same stock photo available via different navigational URLs. Yah, it does not make any sense to serve the same images to Google. So, you need to specify a canonical URL. Just choose any particular URL that you want to set as canonical and then specify it as canonical by using the below code:

<a href=”” rel=”canonical”>

Place this code within the head-head section of all the duplicate pages and Google will be giving all the link value to the specified canonical URL.

3. Create An Image Sitemap:

Image sitemap is the best way to tell Google and other search engines that you do value your images and you want them to get indexed and appear in Google image search. All you have to do is to create the sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster tools and there you go. Since Google webmaster tools have undergone a massive transformation, you will have an idea of how many image URLs have got indexed and how many of them are left.

4. Use microformat:

You need to add an option to get your images reviewed by users. And if possible try to keep the comment section enabled. This will keep the page fresh and the microformat rating will make the images appear with rating in image search and if possible try to add social sharing buttons along with the images so that they will earn some Google Plus and social love from all spheres of love.

Try this, and you will see images of your website start appearing in main Google web search results.

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