Big traffic change for top URL

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Big traffic change for top URL

Recently there are very big changes occurred in Google Organic search Results and Google webmasters have got following notifications in their webmaster tools.

“Search results clicks for have increased significantly. Yay!”
“Search results clicks for have decreased significantly.”

There are no worries if you get these messages because they simply means that you have got some better ranking for any keyword or simply you lost ranking for any important keywords.

What if your traffic has decreased drastically? Follow these below steps to gain your traffic back.

Manual link building:

Optimize Social Media:

If still you don’t have social media profiles for your website, you should create social media profiles, especially on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. For each new of blog post, you should also share it on these social sites.

Content optimization:

Google always look for quality content, you should always write for end users not for web spiders. If you have some “copy paste” or low quality posts on your blog then you should immediately replace those post with new/fresh content

Use Analytics/ webmaster tools:

Using analytics and webmaster tools helps you monitor your blog/website. You can track all changes including on page and off page content like backlinks etc.


  1. I have recently got the message “big traffic change for top url” Search results clicks for have increased significantly. Yay!.

    I got worried about the traffic changes, but now I think there is nothing suspect remains everything is fine with my blog and contents.

  2. Oh..I really confuse about this Google Message.
    Search results clicks for site have increased significantly. Yay!


    Message ID: 593f1ceb2d67. Please include this ID in any messages you post in our Help forum.
    Some one said that is good news. Some one said that Google is warning about my site. However, actually, My traffic does not have any change in recent months.

  3. There was sudden decrease in Traffic for my 3 year old blog. I have checked and found this message in my Google webmaster tools “Big traffic change for top URL”. Now I don’t understand this is because of Google Panda or Google Penguin updates. But one thing is sure Off page link building still matters a lot !

    Thanks for tips.

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