Reaching heights with Apt SEO practices

When you are doing business over the web, its fair enough to understand the massive competition that goes among business units striving for a foothold over a global platform such as this. You have to understand at first whether your site possesses anything that is relevant in the eyes of Googlebot. The spiders won’t accept a thing that shows irrelevancy.

Did you know that Google handles around 90% of the traffic? By now you know why everyone wants to top the Google charts. Domination in the search engine has a lot to deal with White hat SEO tactics and innovative practices.

Best SEO Practices

Let’s see how you can reach top the Google chart without much difficulty:

1) Google craves for fresh contents and you have to see that your website is freshly fed with contents. Adding new posts would encourage more visitors to being led to your site. Somewhere it was written that “content is king” and many of you will undoubtedly admit it. Blogs are always found to naturally attract viewer’s attention and it seems that your SEO advantage lies with the number of fresh contents you post. An interactive blog filled with comments is a must have.

2) Adding Google Analytics would contribute to the quality of your site. The free software program help you avail critical data of your site which completely means business to you. The data shows how well your website is performing in Google. Some of the major features of Google Analytics include
a) Event tracking
b) Goal tacking
c) Intelligence
d) Bounce rates
The above mentioned features help determine keywords and tactics that makes great SEO and more sales leads. You can even sign up for the Google Webmaster tools an advanced application offering quality information about recent trends observed.

3) Unique pages seemed to attract user attention more than those with bland contents. Google always prefers sites which show quality and informative contents. Contents which are exclusive and are not to be found anywhere across the web are most picked by Google. This means that content of one page should not just only differ from that of the several other sites floating across the web but also from the different pages contained in the same website. SEO Southampton professionals make sure that you go by the algorithms declared by the Google updates.

4) Eliminating Repetitive words: Anything repetitive is not welcome. Users simply can’t accept anything that comes over and over again. Just for instance you wouldn’t want to read the same page of a story for multiple times. It repels user’s attention. Everything unique and attractive is accepted by visitors. Who knows you might get penalized for an unintentional attempt.

5) Using title tags rich in keywords: tags are first to appear on browser and the search engine is able to determine the content of a page by crawling the title tag at first. Make sure you use enough keywords on the title tags such that the search engine giant is able to pick your content easily.

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