Improve Performance of a Mac system

Improve Mac system Performance
Improve Mac system Performance

A very big question that may come in a Mac user’s mind is why every now and then his/her Mac starts feeling little slow and sluggish? Some of the most potential reasons for the same are running 8-10 programs at a time and not restarting your Mac machine for quite a long time. Therefore, sometimes stopping too many applications running on your machine or simply restarting it solves the problem. However, if these resolutions do not speed up your machine then we are providing some other useful tips, which may improve the speed and performance of your Mac hard disk drive.

Improve Mac system Performance
Improve Mac system Performance

Simple, but fine tips if implemented will surely improve the Mac OS X’s speed and performance:

Make sure to delete Unnecessary Startup Items: Some applications automatically add themselves on startup items and thus open at every login or restart. These applications unnecessarily deteriorate the performance of your Mac. Therefore, clean out these applications form startup items and improve startup time of your machine. However, before removing any application just be sure what you are removing otherwise you may delete some crucial application necessary for next restart.

Stop Unessential Dashboard Widgets: If you are using Mac OS X 10.4 – Tiger then you probably have dashboard. Though it has many useful widgets but some of them are really useless, disabling these unused widgets is a wise decision. No matter these widgets are smaller in size but they continuous consume some amount of memory space while operating.

Clean out Other System Preferences: Sometimes, you even don’t know what some preferences pane added at the ‘other’ section of system preferences do. Therefore, disabling those preferences is advisable.

Stop Unused Functionalities: Stop Bluetooth, Internet Sharing, Speech Recognition, and Universal Access, If You Don’t Use. You can disable them from navigating to System Preferences.

Clean Hard Disk Drive of Your Machine: Despite the large size of the hard drive used in your Mac, it eventually fills up and thus this is another big factor of slow performance of your machine. Therefore, remove all unimportant docs, pictures, videos, duplicate files etc. stored on your hard drive.

However, if even after doing all this, your Mac is behaving sluggish and taking too much time in performing small activities, then using third-party software can do the needful for you. These tools remove all unwanted files and unused spaces and thus optimize the performance of your Mac. One such software is Stellar SpeedUp Mac. This software removes unwanted files, system junks, cache, logs, etc as well as facilitates you to completely uninstall unwanted applications just by simple drag and drop. With all these features the software is compatible with the latest Mac OS X Lion.

To evaluate this tool you can download its free demo version. The demo version of the software lists all duplicate files large files, universal files, etc which are unnecessarily eating up the memory space of your system. However, to perform actual cleanup operation, you have to purchase the license of the software.

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These tips are easy to implement and results are fine but if your hard drive is congested with huge amount of unnecessary data in form of duplicate files, language files, clutter, applications and widgets then choosing a right clean up software would be advisable to improve the performance of the Mac system.

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