Is it Worthwhile to Clone Your Mac OS X Hard Drive? Here’s why

Mac Disk Cloning a smart way to create a bootable backup of your hard drive on another hard drive or removable media. It is incredibly beneficial for those who require upgrading their Mac OS X installation or just moving to a new larger disk. In the event of a Mac operating system crash, you can directly boot from your clone device without having to reinstall everything from scratch. Cloning of Mac hard drives is usually accomplished by either copying the entire contents of the source drive to the destination drive or first creating an image file containing the source drive data and then copying this image to the destination drive. Cloning however has an upper hand over an image because a cloned disc is ready to use copy of an original hard drive. Whereas, creating an image, users first have to mount the image to re-install everything.

Mac Disk Cloning

hard-drive Cloning
Hard Drive Cloning

Most of the time, users refrain from taking backups consistently and do not realize its importance until a disaster strikes. In the event of data loss, a hard drive clone will help you quickly get back to work, thus eliminating the need to go for a data recovery software and solution. This way cloning is also cost effective because cloning software is much cheaper than data recovery software for Macs.

Benefits of Cloning

Cloning can help you easily recover from any of the below mentioned circumstances:

  • The Mac hard drive makes clicking noise and starts showing signs of an imminent failure.
  • Some applications stop responding and a few files fail to open after you perform system update on your Mac.
  • You install a new driver that causes your Mac Operating System to crash.
  • You are unable to uninstall software that has files scattered all over your hard disk drive.
  • You want to restore a stable copy of your Mac system without losing anything on the main drive.
  • You need to run other versions of Mac OS X with your production data that is crucial to your business.

If you are confronted with similar situations, then the most effective way to deal with these problems is to have a clean master image or hard drive clone. Nowadays, a range of commercial third-party Mac drive cloning software is available in the market. With spending few bugs one can easily obtain drive clone software either through online of offline markets. With the help of these Mac tools, you can easily create an exact replica or bit-by-bit copy of your Mac hard drive. They also give you the choice to create an image of your hard drive or any particular volume on the drive. Using these utilities, you can choose to resize volumes on your destination drive at the time of cloning and even create a bootable DVD to clone the boot volume of your Mac. Another facility which these tools offer are copying minimal system files that help the OS X in the time of crucial system file gone corrupt. Furthermore, these tools are compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’ and all lower versions.

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