Temple run like games for iphone

Temple Run- Run for your life!!

Temple Run
Temple Run

Temple run is very famous game for android, the theme behind this game is that you’ve stolen the cursed idol from temple and have to run escaping from Evil Demon Monkeys. You will need to race with those monkeys around wall of ancient temples, sometimes you will need to jump, turn around or slide to avoid obstacles. In Meanwhile you have to buy powerups, collect coins, and get new characters. You will be able to measure your success in terms of distance or coins gathered during run.

You can download this very famous game from iphone as well as android play market.

Iphone Temple Run download-


Android Play Market-


Alternatives of Temple run for Iphone

  • Ham On the Run- This game is similar to temple run, in this game you will see a pig who love to run and uses one touch controls. It has to grab tickets and collect powerups. This game comes free for iphone users.

So how far you ran today???

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