6 Must Have Apps for iPhone Users

Thousands of Apps has been circulating, which promise good functionality and usability to iPhone users. However, with the vast numbers of Apps that can be downloaded directly to your iPhone, it becomes difficult to choose which one to get especially since you have limited phone memory. In addition, some of those applications also require fees so you have to make sure to make the best out of your money.
It is true that this glut of products gives users a hard time in choosing the best according to what their needs are. When I first launched my Eltima and Nuance website I was absolutely overwhelmed by the infinite amount of all the different themes and plugins they were available online. It took me over 3 months to pick one theme and finally stay with it.
The following are considered the top 6 must have iPhone applications, which can also be used for other apple devices such as iPod touch and iPad. Some may come with a small price tag and some are free, nevertheless, they are still the best iPhone apps that should be installed in your smartphone.

6 Must Have Apps for iPhone Users


Instagram is considered 2012 iPhone App of the year because of the millions of people using it. How many times have you seen on social media sites pictures that were made through Instagram? Instagram provides a user friendly tool which helps you manage, edit, and share your photos and other things. The large number of users, who use this product, proves that it is a very well designed application.

Find My iPhone

You may have missed many meals and refrain from making any purchases, in order to save money just to buy your new iPhone 4S. Definitely, your iPhone is one of the most essential and expensive gadgets that you have and losing it is not one of your options. “Find My iPhone” is an important application to protect your personal information in your Smartphone and locate it in case it gets lost. With “Find My iPhone“; you have increase substantially the chances of getting it back rather than losing it forever. It actually tracks your missing iPhone down and you can also remove your personal information through another phone or online, thereby protecting your data from being divulged.

Google Voice

Google voice” is also one of the best apps of its kind, especially when you have to communicate with many people. “Google voice” allows you to call internationally using cheap rates. You can also send free unlimited text messages to your friends. You may also use voice mails for free. This handy software saves you money and also allows you to communicate efficiently to other people.

Sound Tracking

One of the most widely used App is “Sound Tracking“. It allows you to identify the music you are currently listening as well as the name of the artist. You are also allowed to share what you are listening to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and foursquare. It also allows you to tap what your other friends are listening to at the moment. Since people are naturally music lovers, you definitely have to have this “Sound Tracking” application.


Since using gadgets and iPhone may make life easier, it also leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. In line with these, iMuscles provide you with various unique stretches and exercises that you can do while using your iPhone. It also allows users to identify which muscles to develop using 3D views of the musculoskeletal system. I highly recommend it to people who are very good to finding excuses to avoid exercise.


Quora is an iPhone app that provides extensions to various Question and Answers sites, which give you all information you need with the power of your fingertips. Using Quora, you get what you need wherever you are and you don’t need to visit the search engines in order to get your questions answered.

Before buying any iPhone app, it is essential to read the users reviews in order to see if you  truly need it because downloading something that you won’t eventually use it may just eat up space in your iPhone’s memory or slowing it down. Be frugal and get only what you think you are going to use.

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