SMTP Server – The Ultimate Mail Delivery Server

SMTP Server
SMTP Server

Sometimes it becomes problematic to send mails to your various business customers. You often use bulk emailing process in order to communicate with your clients and send him commercial proposals or newsletters. What happens then? Sometimes your emails get spammed or you face delivery problems. So it’s better that you use smarter solutions. SMTP mail or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a new type of technology that is flourishing.

SMTP Server

SMTP Server
SMTP Server

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is gaining popularity these days. Now you can send mails in bulk through this relay server and can get desired results. You don’t suffer from blockage of your mails and all the messages are delivered in a proper manner and in less time.

With the email server SMTP, you can send the email in bulk to your desired destination. Your route of communication becomes flexible if you make use of this type of server.

Something to be aware of
Today almost 80% of the emails sent are regarded as spam mails. Everyone wants to avoid this blockage. Filters endeavor to block as many mails they are able to, however the email providers create strict anti spam filters. What leads to, is terrible. Your entire business can get blocked and you may run at a loss and get distressed.

What does the SMTP server do?

With an email server SMTP,your emails are verified and checked before they are delivered to the mailbox of the recipient. These anti-spam filters are built on a trust basis. You are assigned with a dynamic IP address and such a floating address changes each time you get connected with the internet. Most of the mail servers block you excepting this.

What should you do?
The first thing you should do is to call your provider and get an access of a static IP from the person concerned.
Another rule that is compulsory regarding your outgoing SMTP mail is that, you should configure the reverse and forward DNS resolution. This resolution takes place when a client enquires about the name of the server in order to obtain the static IP address with which it desires to make a connection. If the name server does not resolve the request of your customer in the regional domain, it asks the parent servers to locate another server that is suitable.

The SMTP mail server is able to create a form of confirmation, which shows an applicable relation between the owners of the domain’s name and the holder of the IP address and that only belongs to the email server SMTP. This legalization is very important for your trust score.

SPF is also very useful and handy. It crosschecks whether the IP is permitted so as to transfer emails for this type of domain. The server can also tag your email as spam in some cases.

If you have a company you can give a different identity to your business by taking help of the SMTP server. Thus you can attain consumer satisfaction and take your business to unknown heights. You can even flourish and make a prosperous business with the help of this email server.

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