Google Doodle Zipper Gideon Sundback

Google Doodle Unzipped
Google Doodle Unzipped

Gideon Sundback borned on April 24, 1880 was well known for his invention of Zipper. Today on his 132th birthday Google has amazing Doodle which shows the search engine with Zip. When you unzip the front doodle you will be able to find search engine. The most amazing part is you can still do normal searches without unzipping and most of guys do not know that what to do with zipper.

Google Doodle Zipper
Google Doodle Zipper 24 April 2012

And it looks like when you unzip it:

Google Doodle Unzipped
Google Doodle Unzipped

When you click on zipper, then Google will automatically open next page, you wont be able to close the zip.

Who was Gideon Sundback

According to wikipedia:

Otto Fredrik Gideon Sundback was born on Sonarp farm in Ödestugu Parish, in Jönköping County, Småland, Sweden. He was the son of Jonas Otto Magnusson Sundbäck, a prosperous farmer, and his wife Kristina Karolina Klasdotter. After his studies in Sweden, Sundback moved to Germany, where he studied at the polytechnic school in Bingen am Rhein. In 1903, Sundback took his engineer exam. In 1905, he emigrated to the United States.

We all remember and use his innovation everyday. This tribute of Google Doodle gives the appearance like Google has wore a jacket which can be opened by clicking on zip. Hope you enjoy this Google Doodle on Gideon Sundback’s 132 Birthday

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  1. Gideon Sundback zipper Google Doodle is probably best Doodle of 2012. I want to download the html code of this Google Doodle.
    You mentioned very correctly this google zip is not getting unzip, once opened this zipper doesnot get close.

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