What things to do when your Android Phone is Stolen?


The Android smartphone of yours has now become the personal computer for your all uses. No other device is with you, how long your smartphone is with you every day. Your all essential details, data, photos are stored on your Android smartphone.


Assume that if your precious Android phone is stolen or lost somewhere than what to do now? There are various options present through which you can get your smartphone back or wipe your data easily and save it from prying eyes. However, the solution is purely technological. Let’s go through to some top precautions to take better protect your Android smartphone from loss along with a few tips if you already have lost your phone.

Tips to protect your smartphone from prying eyes:

• Set up lock screen security
• Set a lock screen owner message
• Configure Android Device Manager
• Turn on two-step authentication
• Consider a third-party security app
• Make a note of important device info

All these above tips can help to you to protect your data, nonetheless you can also use the apps that can help you if your mobile is lost or stolen somewhere. Here are some apps that can help your in finding your stolen Android smartphone.

Google’s Android Device Manager

The Google’s Android Device Manager is a user friendly tool to track your android phone or tablet. The best thing is about the ADM (Android Device Manager) is you need not to install the app to track your device. The device is necessarily connected to your Google account and turned on as well as connected to the internet. You can wipe your data as well.

Even if you do not have your laptop around when you lose your device, you can also wipe your data by using the Android Data Manager in your friend’s mobile without the web browser. Sign in using guest mode and your Google account credentials. Now you should be able to track your lost device. Now wipe your data

Android Lost

Android Lost is a little complicated as compare to the ADM in tracking your phone. You need to install this tracking app on your smartphone and activate the app by sending it an SMS. Even if you do not have the your phone or stolen somewhere you can remotely install this app in your mobile or tablet. However, the condition is your Google account is connected and internet is connected. Directly navigate to Android Lost App through the browser and click the install. With the Android Lost app you can erase your all data and track the location as well. This app is helpful,even your device is lost or stolen.

Samsung Users can use the ‘Find My Mobile’ for tracking the smartphone. But for this you should have registered Samung account before you lost it.

Report your phone lost or stolen

Even if you do not have any chance by following above steps the next step is to report it lost stolen. You will be able to report that your phone’s IMEI number was stolen through which thief will not be able to connect to mobile networks.

It was all about the things to do when your mobile is stolen. If you have any query or you like the post then please mention it in the comments.

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