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Gmail is the widest spread email service that offers absolutely free email accounts to the billions of people around the globe. The utilization of Gmail is totally free of cost and you don’t need to be confuse about the free service. Gmail has become the most renowned email service of Google, yet it is likewise associated with alternate services of Google. On the off chance, if you are having a Google account, you don’t need to sign up to a different Gmail account as well. You just need to login your existing account from your favorable place and you can see your email wherever you are and at whatever point you need. The google servers are constantly up to run and you would never encounter the down-time. Google has also made it possible to download the gmail app since last few years and anyone can easily download and access this app on their smartphone or tablet. But, one thing which is extremely required to use this network, is Internet Connection. Without an internet connection you won’t be able to view your own Gmail account details because everything whatever is in your account or mail is save on the server which can only be access via internet connection. So the internet connection is the extremely required to utilize and view your Gmail account.

Gmail Free Email Features:

  • The best service of Gmail is Gmail Drive. The Gmail Drive is a Free Storage space on the online documentation which is best for the business purpose. They have thought of an astounding added service alongside Gmail that is Google Drive to offer additional distributed storage benefits from Google. You will be given 15 Gigabytes storage space and you may also upgrade it till 30 Terabytes.
  • Category Labels and Inbox Tabs are next two new classification launched by Gmail that allows you to separate and promote the social updates into various tabs.
  • The next feature is Customizable Themes through which you may customize your Gmail account theme through Classic themes, colors, HD, Custom and much more. It offers 30+ potential themes at a time.
  • The next latest feature of Gmail is Group Chat. Gmail with the latest version have provided the group chat feature through which anyone can easily communicate with multiple numbers of people at a same times.
  • The new feature of Gmail is Voice Calls. Gmail is now enormously rising as a mailing colossal; apart from this it also provides basic advantages such as free Voice calls. So, you don’t require to pay any single bugs for the voice and also the video calls thorough
  • Google Hangouts is a video gathering program which is pretty much similar to webinars. You may make a hangout video and add more than 10 distinctive friends.
  • Switching Multiple Accounts. It is another really useful feature launched by Google. It provides you to the facility of utilizing Google services from one account to another without logging off. You may easily add more than one Gmail accounts just by clicking on the ”add another Account”.

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