Way2sms Send Free sms to India

Way2sms Send Free sms to India
Way2sms Send Free sms to India
Way2sms Send Free sms to India
Way2sms Send Free sms to India

There are many ways to send free sms one of them is sending free sms via way2sms.
There are lots of reasons to send sms using way2sms.com website. You do not need to spend a single penny to send free sms to India through way2sms. There are many applications available for various devices such as Android, desktop applications for windows OS. Typing a sms in mobile is much tedious rather than typing through keyboard.

Way2sms is a leading free sms service provider in India. You may send single or group sms through way2sms. Moreover you can also chat with your friends through Gtalk or yahoo chat. With the recent feature you can also earn free recharge by sharing ads on social sites like Facebook, twitter. With the three easy steps you can start sending free sms.


First step you need is to register on way2sms.com, where you need to input the details like name, date of birth, email id, profession, city, monthly income and mobile number.

Registration url: Click here.

Confirm Mobile number/Email:
Second step is to confirm your mobile number; you need to put an code which you receive on your mobile. Moreover you need to confirm your email address.

Way2sms Login
Now you can login to your way2sms account and start sending free sms anywhere in India.
If in any case you have forgot your password you can retrieve it using their simple steps.Get code on mobile either through miss call or through mobile sms. To get password through Miss Call you can follow below steps.

Enjoy sending free sms anywhere in India.

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