Optimizing Your Internet Connection

Nowadays, people are already used to life at its fastest pace through different means such as instant communication. That is why for people today, there are only a few things that can be very frustrating than having a slow Internet connection. Sometimes in order to speed up the Internet, upgrading the plan or just changing to the fastest Internet provider are quick and easy solutions.

There can still be times that even if a customer is paying for High speed Internet connectivity, that they still experience slow connections. Fortunately, there are methods on how an individual can speed up their Internet without having to change their provider or purchasing a more expensive plan.

Speed up Internet Connection

Here are some tips that are not that much of a hassle to apply:

1. Visit your Provider

Check with your service provider first whether they are doing their job properly and are delivering the service that you have been paying them for. It could be that your package is already outdated and the company is finding the time to upgrade it to a better one for a small fee or for free.

2. Getting an Ideal Web Browser

Even though it is not the fastest or most versatile browser, a lot of people still utilize Internet Explorer when web browsing. It would be a good idea to check out browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome if you are an avid Internet user to see which one best fits your style. Chrome, for example, is not hungry on RAM making it a good choice for low-end computers.

3. Stop Unauthorized WiFi Access

If you have wireless Internet connection at home, you should ensure that it is not available for the whole neighborhood to connect to at any time. This is because the more people who are connected to your WiFi, the slower it will become for you. That is why you should set up a WPA encryption in your hardware I it is compatible.

4. Reconfigure the Router

If you are utilizing a router, it is possible to speed up your Internet connection by adjusting its settings. A lot of routers are available out there to be giving specific advice, but most of these can be reconfigured to open up ports and boost its speed.

5. Control Overall Bandwidth Use

A lot of applications running in your background can be using the bandwidth in your Internet and thus slow it down. Programs such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Real Player and Windows Update will start automatically most of the time. You can configure these applications though so that they do not start upon Windows log-on.

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