iPad 3 Release Date and iPad 3 Specifications

iPad3 release date
iPad3 Touch

The Apple iPad has been advanced in age almost a year ago. Now it’s time to gladly receive the new hallmark of Apple, entitled iPad3. The Apple iPad is one of the best-selling and top notch tablets in the world, and is one of the most promised devices from Apple this year. The entire web is showering with rumors of untouched new iPad’s display, camera and processor. Here are some unique peculiarities of iPad3 that mismatched with iPad2 and in turn make it more advantageous:

The release date of iPad 3:

iPad3 release date
iPad3 Touch

The Apple has sent proposal to the San Francisco launch of its untouched iPad 3 this week. The proposal says, “We have something you really have to see. And touch”. The invitation shows a finger over an iPad screen, pointing to the Calendar app, which is set to March 7. The releasing date of Apple’s ipad 3 is blowing hot and cold i.e. it is unclear. As far as the rumors are concerned it will be March or April 2012.Probably the launching event should be on 7thof March, but the facts about its opening are still concealed.




Applie iPad 3 Specifications

The Apple iPad3 have quad core processor:    

The current Apple iPad 2 is incorporated with 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortext-A9 processor. It is feasible that the iPad 3 will have cutting edge and distinct processor, Apple’s a6-inbuilt with quad core arm based processor i.e. it has multiple cores and the work is spitted into various fragments, so they’ll run more quickly and efficiently.

The design of quad core is originating from different ARM partners. As we ventilate about the features of the iPad 3, its upgraded camera, a bigger battery, and the resolution of dual core LED backlit system are 2048 x 1536 pixels coming into sight, according to the commencement of New York Times.

With the exception of this, lighter battery is its upper hand and in hence its weight is reduced. However, the battery is reported to cost 20 to 30 percent more than the current iPad’s battery, and will also have a longer battery life.

It is also expected that the iPad3 will have a wireless charging technology, which will be able to charge the battery and transfer data through wireless.

 The Apple iPad 3 have ios5 operating system:


As reported with the rumors, iPad 3 is approached with ios5 operating system that is incorporated with multi-touch gesture technology. However, according to forecasts, apple would introduce OS X Lion for this tablet.

This operating system also includes multitasking features such as notifications, imessage, task-finishing, app-switching and advanced gestures.

Apple iPad 3d feature and retina display: Retina display was widely anticipated for the current version of iPad by Apple, but double resolution display was not existent, although Apple has been working a lot to take into account this new aspect in the newer version of iPad i.e. iPad 3.We will snap up resolution display only in iphone models. Better pixel quality of iphone makes text and graphics look smooth and consecutive at different size.

As we ventilate about the pixel density of retina display, in agreement with Apples current shipments, it is 2048 x 1536 resolution 9.7 inch display. The stunning retina display makes us read, play and watch hundreds of pixels better.

Be pertinent with the rumors that continued evermore, we reported that Samsung made AMOILED screen could launched with iPad 3 and have also been more LG and Samsung. Further rumors mention that due to high pixel density of iPad 3, apple is admired to implement nifty dual core light bar technology into the same.

There is another sneaking suspicion that the tablet will display 3D view. But this was too early to be announcing such exiting features before having some powerful backbone. At present this authority is hold by LG Optimus that can record videos in 3D and output the same through HDMI.

Expected features:

Cloud Computing is another substitute for this tablet. Apple has given announcement to induce iCloud technology into iphone and iPad 3.User can enhance various functionality of iCloud like On-Demand Scalability, performance, superior reliability and top notch security also store photos, apps, calendars and access songs on iTunes, without having them to store in the phone’s memory.


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