Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph
Google Knowledge Graph

When you search for any query in Google, you are not just looking for another web page, you are looking for some answers, you want to understand some topic etc. Same thing will be provided by Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graph

Benefits of Knowledge graph

Google Knowledge Graph
Google Knowledge Graph
Now even Google will serve like Wikipedia, you don’t need to hunt for information. For finding the information you just need to search and all information’s will be provided on same page. It’s going to save much of time, you will be provided with correct stuff; many scrape website providing false data will ruin out.

Knowledge Graph on Tablets, Mobiles, Android

Since Google is independent on platform, and knowledge graph is Google’s feature therefore, you will be able to use Google Knowledge Graph everywhere.

Currently Google has given an live query of Vincent Van Gogh

For more knowledge about Google Knowledge Graph you may click here.

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