Google April Fool 2012 – Google Maps 8 bit NES

Once again here is April 1, 2012 i.e. april fool day. Google has played many april fools with its users, here is a long list of Google previous pranks.

Google April Fool 2012

Google Maps 8 bit NES

Trial Version:

Google Maps is now available for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES). Availability in Google Store is TBD but you can try it on your browser by going to and clicking “Quest” in the upper right hand corner of the map.

List of Google April fools/pranks which Google played in last years:

Google MentalPlex [Google April fool 2000]:

Google showed a demonstration of technology by which you do not need to type anything, just think and it will get searched.  Click here for more info.

Google Pigeon Rank [Google April Fool 2002]

Google has a very famous algorithm of search engine. They use an patent technology of Page Rank, on this 1 april 2002 they confused users with the term PR i.e. its Pigeon Rank and they trains Pigeon to find SERP’s. More details can be found here.

Google Copernicus Center [Google April Fool 2004]

This time Google played an prank with engenering graduates. They told that, they will be taking interviews forpositions at lunar hosting and research centers. Moreover they must be willing to relocate. More info can be found here.

Quench your thirst for knowledge. [Google April Fool 2005]

In 2005 Google announced an fictitious drink,  by taking this beverage( named as Google Gulp), they willoptimize one’s Google Search Engine by increasing Drinkers intelligence.
More info can be found here.

Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google[Google April Fool 2006]

This year Google played with romance, acc. to them “Dating is a search problem. Solve it with Google Romance.”More info can be found here.

Introducing Gmail Paper[Google April Fool 2007]

Google has replace its home page by Google mail page to Gmail paper, where it said that it would print all mails other than mp3 and wav files and send the trascripts.
More info can be found here.

Google Weblogs (beta)[Google April Fool 2008]

Google made an annoucement of new Google weblogs.
More info can be found here.

Introducing CADIE[Google April Fool 2009]

Year 2009 was named for brain search, firmly known as Cadie. More info can be found here.

Store Anything in Google Docs[Google April Fool 2010]

In year 2010 google has annoucned that you may store anything you want in your google mail box and google docs. More info can be found here.

Gmail Motion[Google April Fool 2011]

In the year of 2011 google announced about gmail motion,
More info can be found here.

Being Human just remember
April fool jokes should not cause any harm to your victim’s mental or physical state. They should be only meant for entertainment purpose.

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