What is Gmail tap [Google Mail]

Gmail Tap

What is Gmail Tap

Gmail tapGmail Tap provides an innovative way of typing in Android and iOS. You can use these two buttons to type every single characters available on your QWERTY keyboard.

Read more about : http://www.gmail.com/tap

Benefits of Gmail Tap:

  • Increase your typing speed.
  • Forget to use the traditional QWERTY keyboard.
  • Double your working speed by typing Two Emails simultaneously.

Video Explaining more about Gmail Tap:

Features of Gmail Tap:

  • Just Two Keys– a Dot and a Dash
  • Space Bar – to Increase a typing speed
  • Multi-email mode: dual threaded keyboard (Warning: power users only)
  • Predictive text mode: auto complete re-imagined
  • Optional audio feedback: engage all your senses

Upcoming features of Gmail Tap

  • Ship to shore mode: activates your phone’s flash to communicate with other power users across an ocean (of people)
  • Table tap: microphone enabled off screen tapping
  • Double-black diamond mode: adds a third, fourth and more keyboards for writing up to 8 messages at once

This was an APRIL Fool 2012


    • The reason is simple they were making us fool on the April fool day, there is nothing like Morse code keypad from google at present :).

  1. With the introduction of Gmail tap, Gmail Says Goodbye to QWERTY Keyboard…

    It was awesome april fool but we can imagine such new innovative things in upcoming futures.

    Thanks for information regarding what is gmail tap.

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