Facebook IPO listed in Nasdaq

Facebook IPO listed in Nasdaq
Facebook is an social networking website. As per stats of Facebook, it has 800 million users.

Facebook IPO

Facebook IPO issue price is $38 which is going to list in Nasdaq. Faccebook IPO is most Hot IPO in IT Industry as well in history of Nasdaq.
Facebook is an 8 years old company, now Facebook has to follow the rules and regulations of not only United States but also of other countries of World. The initial name of Facebook was TheFacebook.com which has been changed to Facebook.com later on.

Facebook IPO listed in Nasdaq with $42 i.e. with gain of 11.5%.

There is some delay in listing of Nasdaq due to some technical issues. The issues band of Facebook IPO price was $38 and is listed in $42 i.e. 11% above the issue price band.

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