Way2sms Send Free sms to India

Way2sms Send Free sms to India

There are many ways to send free sms one of them is sending free sms via way2sms. There are lots of reasons to send sms using way2sms.com website. You do not need to spend a single penny to send free sms to India through way2sms.

Robert Doisneau Google Doodle – a French Photographer.

Robert Doisneau Google Doodle

Google Doodle dedicated to a renowned French photographer Robert Doisneau on his birthday 14 april 2012. Google celebrates Robert Doisneau Birthday who was a famous French photographer by contributing it as Google Doodle on 14 April 2012.

Webmaster Tips

Big traffic change for top URL

Recently there are very big changes occurred in Google Organic search Results and Google webmasters have got following notifications in their webmaster tools.
“Search results clicks for http://xyz.com/ have increased significantly. Yay!”
“Search results clicks for http://xyz.com/ have decreased significantly.”

These casused increased in traffic for some and for rest it got decreased. 100% recovery tips for webmasters who got decrease in traffic.

How to make your stock images appear in Google Image search

Learn how to optimize your Images to rank in Google Image Search. As a webmaster of a stock photography sites, you might have to do more to make the images appear in Google image search. Apply some basic tips of Google Image Optimization for better ranking in Google Image Searches.

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USA free local classified website list

US Classified Advertisement Sites list helps you in getting business leads, here we have free classified advertisement website list with current alexa and page rank. You may submit your shop deals to these local classified sites, also these websites are great place to find current offers going in your US city.

Facebook Timeline Cover photo for cars

FB Timeline Cover photos of cars for making stylish facebook cover of cars. You can use these photos for various purposes like as for profile picture, profile header or banner and as a Facebook cover also we can use these photos and images of car.

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How to optimize title tag

Title tags helps in boosting SERP. Learn optimization of Title tags for SEO for better SERP ranking and increase in Click through ratio of visitors.