Online photo Journal and Private Diary

In today’s era each one of us need to have someplace where we can store our personal thing which should be safe, protected and always available on a single click. is such a website which solves our purpose of private diary.

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PC to Phone call via VoIP

The VoIP has made long distance communication superficial; the system quality is unbeatable which hardly gives any chance of complaint, an immense idea to escape from the monthly vigorous bills. Try the PC to phone calls at cheap rates and experience the relief.

4 Ways to make Cheap Calls

There is lot of program offering cheap pc to phone calls, using this system to diminish your phone bills is the perfect way accessible to call from your mobile phones. In this article it is briefly mention 4 of the system to make cheap international calls.

How to share large files on internet with 150 million registered users with $42 million revenue has been shut down. Megaupload was a very popular file sharing site. Mega Upload domain has been seized by FBI against sharing of illegal files and for distributing pirated softwares.