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Are you a foodie? Do you stay hungry most of the times? Do you like to taste food of various restaurants nearby you? Do you like to visit these restaurants? Indeed yes! The ambience might have been so sorted that none would like to leave the place. But one fine day, you plan it with your friends and later on can’t manage to go. This would either spoil the mood of you and your friends or they will cancel the plan itself. But rather than getting annoyed by someone and annoying someone, why not install one single online food ordering system.  This will help you to save time and do your work as well. Unless it’s your break time, you are not allowed to have food. But there are also few offices who every now and then conduct a party. Sine, the online world is evolving at a faster speed than expected. So what would you do when you are hungry? Make food! But what if you are tired and hungry as well? But why not  You may be wondering how? The answer is simple as ONLINE. One needs a powerful internet connection for accessing any of food ordering app. Install the application in order to register and sign with all the verifying details..The next task will be done by GPS that is Global Positioning System. The GPS would track your location and accordingly suggest the restaurants. This system has been made in order to track the location and accordingly suggest you the restaurants. The delivery may different from restaurant to restaurant.

How tiny is the idea of the TinyOwl Food ordering application?

TinyOwl Company is not as tiny as the name suggests. Rather it is totally the opposite. It holds a better and a huge concept developed and bought into existence by HarshVardhanMandad. Since now a days people don’t access the web enough, the team decided to keep the application portable in order to maintain the portability. Since the study says that majority of the population uses android and iOS now, the team declared to come up with an application on those two mobile platforms. This is how the statistics goes – 78.9% of the users use Android Operating System and this ratio has been stagnant for the past two years. While the ratio of iOS is that of 14.9% of the total population across the world and so that is what inspires the team to develop android and iOS application for their upcoming venture. The tinyowl application doesn’t charge any commission to the restaurants for their order of food and so is yet under no profit and no loss strategy. They earn per downloads and that is how their company is functioning. Some of the features of the tinyowl are its accessibility and availability where one can access the application from any part of the metropolitan city. Mutiple variety of cuisine is available as per your choice. Updated menus are available for the access on the screen itself. It cuts the various telecommunication costs held by us to the restaurants. Apart from all this an order history is maintained for user’s feasibility to order the same food the next time. Once the order is placed, the estimated time to deliver the food is also informed to the customer.

User’s experience:

“The idea of attracting most of the audience was perfect if they implemented it with the food as a medium. The application amazes me with its features. It always has some or the other discount or offer in order to impress us. The coupons are a wonderful service which helps one enjoys double the meals they have. At times a party can be conducted as well. At times the few ads appearing in between can be irritating but that can be bearable when you are receiving amazing results. The order history helps me maintain the record of whatever I have ordered so far. So if I like the taste of the cuisine I can order the same twice without any pains. All I have to do is navigate to the order history and click on order. It is as simple as that. Thank You”

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