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Today I am going to share steps on How To Download Whatsapp Messenger. The present era belongs to tech savvy people who are very well versed with modern technology. Today the market is flooded with new phones every day. Especially the market of mobile phones is dominated by smartphones. To make the communication easier designers have come up with many new applications. One such application which is part and parcel of every mobile phone is whatsapp.

Whatsapp is the new application that allows you to send free messages to your friends if you have an internet connection. This application is compatible with android phones, blackberry and ios. If you any of these mobile phones with a working internet connection then you can communicate with your friends and family whose is also using a whats app compatible mobile phone. With just a monthly internet recharge you can send messages, documents and photographs.

This application is a boon for people in present times when people are so busy that they have hardly any spare time to visit their near and dear ones. Whatsapp is the leading communication messenger these days. You will not find a single smartphone without whats app messenger.  Millions of people prefer this application over the other available messengers.

Advantages of Downloading Whatsapp Messenger

  • Easiest way of communication in modern world
  • Enables sending messages without any deduction in main balance
  • For the teenagers who love chatting this is the most preffered application
  • Worries of huge telephone bills is eliminated
  • Utilizes less memory thus saving memory of phone
  • Power consumption is less

The only disadvantage on downloading Whatsapp messenger is that it has it that you will need to convince your friend to download this application so that you can communicate.

Recently Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook. Now this remains a question how Facebook will integrate and make use of this application. Whatever be their strategy it will surely be a double advantage for people who are also active on Facebook.  Being a popular application among masses it will be closely seen by everyone what changes are made. Keep checking the latest updates of Whatsapp to see what changes will be made in it after integration.

Whatsapp notifies you whenever you receive any message. You can also send an audio or video message through it. Moreover depending upon your availability you can also set a status on this application. If you don’t want to communicate with certain friends from your contact list then you can block that person.

Unlike the traditional method of sending text to people you don’t pay for the text send every time. Furthermore you can also know when the message is delivered to the recipient. The multiple groups that can be formed help you to chat with many persons at one time.

Getting started with Whatsapp Application for Android or any other mobile, laptop, desktop is minutes work. You can check the compatibility of your mobile phone and accordingly download the application. Though there are many new applications coming up now but it is a matter of time to see if they will be able to surpass the popularity of this latest sensation.

So here was all about Whatsapp Messenger Download, please ask me your questions or comments below, in case of any query.

Lastly a warm Wishes of Happy New Year to all my beloved users.

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