Mobile browsers for Android Phones

Every mobile phone comes with inbuilt browsers, but usually they lack various functions which these browsers provide; here are 5 browsers which can enhance your internet browsing on android phones.

Dolphin Browser HD

If you love to read on internet or subscribe various blogs through their rss feeds, than Dolphin Browser is Ideal for you. It allows you to create your own news resource by selecting various popular blogs and websites. Dolphin browser lets user read content in simple web page format, along with this Dolphin Browser HD alsow supports tabbed browsing and gesture commands which helps in drawing various shapes on touch screen android phones. It also supports Read it later and AdBlocker.

Click here to get your Dolphin Browser HD for your android mobile phones:

Firefox for Android

If you love various add-ons of Firefox and need them on your android mobile phone also, than android version of Firefox may help you. Similar to desktop version of Mozilla Firefox, android version also supports multiple tabs, add-ons like reading list, correct common typos in url, custom skins. This Smartphone browser takes bit extra time while loading and consume lots of RAM. Users may also sync it with desktop version.

Click here to get your Firefox Browser for your android Smart mobile phones:

Opera Mobile and Opera Mini

Opera has got two versions for android mobile phones i.e. Opera mobile (12MB) and Opera mini (767 KB), the only difference between this two is that opera mini compresses your requests before sending it to servers and thus speeding your browsing. Opera Mini loads images and flash at faster speed than other mobile phone browsers.

Opera Mobile is just like any browser on desktop and have look and feel of desktop. If you run android tablets, than it’s ideal for you.
Download Opera Mobile:
Download Opera Mini for android mobiles:

While selecting mobile browsers you should consider various points like its size (if you have low internal memory) and of course its speed. Hopefully we helped you in choosing your Android mobile phone browser.

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