AirDroid Android APP

Airdroid Android App Installation
Airdroid Android App Installation

Meet a one step ahead android technology that is the AirDroid Android app specially designed to have fully remote control on your android device. Just access your Android device without any USB cable even when you don’t have your device near you. This app is accomplished with all tremendous features by which you can’t stop yourself to say Wow!

Let’s have a look on the few features then we will discuss in detail.

  • Fully secured remote control access on your android device
  • No USB cable required for making any transfer
  • Can be accessed by MAC, Windows, Chromebook and Linux
  • Import and export .apk files of apps
  • Sorting of apps according to user and system
  • Locate your device and anti theft feature
  • Transfer your photos from android to your computer and vice versa promptly
  • Take screenshots
  • Manage tour contacts
  • Just push or feed the URL in device and open in android browser

Now let’s move towards the registration and Login process.

Airdroid Android App:

You have to done this process in two parts:

AirDroid Device Part:

    • To install the Airdroid Android App in your android mobile, just click here.
Airdroid Android App Installation
Airdroid Android App Installation


  • Now open the app where you will find the option of register yourself or you can log in with your Google+, Facebook or Twitter ID.
  • You will be connected to the PC’s server and you can access the PC by two ways:
  • Login via E-mail ID
  • Open Web Address or Scan QR code.
Airedroid Android App mobile installation
Airedroid Android App mobile installation


AirDroid Android App mobile installation
AirDroid Android App mobile installation

AirDroid PC Part:

  • Now to get synchronised with your PC without any USB cable, click here.
  • After that you will be redirected towards the Airdroid login page.
AirdroidAndroid App Login
AirdroidAndroid App Login
  • Now fill your E-Mail ID and Password in the highlighted box.
  • And then click on “Sign In” option.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is on during the login of your device and computer both.
AndroidAndroid App
AndroidAndroid App
  • Now let’s discuss the functioning about each icon one by one.
AirdroidAndroidApp Icons
AirdroidAndroidApp Icons

Messages: Your all messages will synchronise with the app. You can send and receive the messages via this app also can select contact who you want to send messages with inbuilt amazing emoji and emoticon and also can attach the any type of file from your computer.

Videos: You can play the videos in the app and all videos which are in your device. Download and upload the videos that are in your device and computer.

Find Location: The most advantageous feature of this app. You can get the exact location of your device. There are 4 tremendous options present in Find location:

  • Ring: You can give a ring to your device.
  • Anti theft: In case if you lost your mobile and someone tried to unlock your mobile the app will take photo of intruder.
  • Lost mode: You can lock the device by setting the password that anyone will not be able to open your device.
  • Wipe out: If in case, you are not able to get the device back and you if you are worried about our data that can be misused by other just wipe out the data using this app.

Apps: You can here see your all apps sorted according to the user and system and import and export the .api keys. Now you will easily get the idea of other icons.

Call Logs: With this app you can easily synchronise your all call logs of your device and by this you can easily make your calls and send and receive messages from your PC.

Help: Here you can get any help regarding the app or connection settings.

Files: By the file option, you will access whole files whether it is in phone memory or in card memory, you can access your all data with this files option in few minutes.

Contacts:  With this you can have your all device contacts on your PC and you can have your all contacts on a big PC screen

Photos: This option is specially designed for your device photos. You can select all your photos at once download all or upload all in a one click. You can move and delete the photos according to your need.

Music: Play your favourite music within this app. Select your music list or songs that want to upload in your device or download it in few seconds.

Screenshot: In the screenshot, you can take the screenshot of your device or the work you are doing on your PC then upload it into your device.

Ringtones: Set ringtone of your device by making it from device or take any song from your PC and make your device ringtone.

Camera: You can take picture using this app also.
These were few icons that I have discussed with you. Now let’s move towards the “ToolBox.” The toolbox also have the amazing features that will help you to download or upload the data sheets, images, document or any other software very comfortably as this app is truly based up on the user oriented platform. The “ToolBox” contains four options into it.

  • File: With the file option you can upload any document sheet or images into your device.

Toolbox > File > Upload to folder > Select your file by clicking on Blue highlighted option.

  • URL: With URL option, you can paste any URL and will be opened in android browser when you will want to open.
  • Clipboard: In this save your any important data or other important things like numbers from computer and it will be automatically saved your device clipboard.
  • Apps: In this you can add .api key from your personal computer.
  • Toolbox > select you .api key by clicking on Blue highlighted option.


After the whole processing, don’t forget to “Sign out” from your account. The “Sign Out” option is shown in the about figure. Here I have listed above few icons details which are fabulous and very useful for a common person. For more query related with this app and the post, you can ask me in comments.

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