Best free antivirus for android

Best free Android Anti Virus

Now a day’s Android devices like mobile phone, tablets etc. have got various virus, malware attacks. To protect your mobile phone from these attacks you may use free antivirus for android. These are 4 top antiviruses which can be used in android mobiles and android tablets devices.

How to add domain name in Google Apps Standard A/c

Upgrade your Google Apps A/C

After 15th November, Google has stopped feature to add new secondary domain name in Google Apps Standard Account. Here is simple way to add secondary domain name in your Google Apps Standard Account: Step 1: You need to Upgrade your trial (remember its free to upgrade, you will get 30 days trial, which you can […]

Last Google Page rank updated on 6 December 2013

Google PageRank Update

After the long wait of around 9 months Google finally updated page rank on 6 December 2013, still the page rank updation is going in progress. Last Google page rank update was on 4 February 2013. As page rank is said to be vital for all kind of websites and blogs whether they are technology […]

Hacking attack on wordpress blogs/websites

wordpress attack

Wordpress, which is very famous CMS for creation of blog or website. Currently, there is global attack going on WordPress hosted servers. Read more on how to secure your Blog. Continue Reading…

How to ping domain

How to ping domain name

If you want to ping your domain name follow below steps. Ping Domain Name on Windows Step 1: Open Command Promt Open run (window button+ R) Step 2: Type “cmd” You will get Command Prompt in Windows. Step 3: Type Ping eg. Ping You will get details such as IP of Host and TTL […]

Alternate of Google Reader

Feed Reader

As Google has already announced that it will shut down Google reader services on 1 July 2013, here are alternatives for Google reader to read feeds.

Online Shopping in India Infographics

Online Shopping in India

Online shopping is always great fun as customers find comfort in shopping from their own place. Read Complete Infographic of online shopping in India.

New personalised ads in Gmail

Recently Gmail has introduced new personalised ads for Gmail users. Below is the sample of new personalised ads in Gmail. Gmail Personalized ads Normally the ads shown in right to each mail consist of ads supported by Google Adwords. Features of new Gmail ads: You can store them in your Gmail inbox. You can forward […]

Mobile browsers for Android Phones

Every mobile phone comes with inbuilt browsers, but usually they lack various functions which these browsers provide; here are 5 browsers which can enhance your internet browsing on android phones. Dolphin Browser HD If you love to read on internet or subscribe various blogs through their rss feeds, than Dolphin Browser is Ideal for you. […]

Current Version of the Google Update plugin

Google as very famous search engine and have various plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Current version plugin of Google helps in updating all programs owned by Google. Whenever you are installing any program of Google product like chrome, Earth or any other software it will get downloaded. You can consider it as simple program […]

List of payment gateway for India

List of payment gateway for India With the increase in user engagement over www more people are buying online stuffs. Ecommerce development is increasing in India, and therefore you will need a payment gateway to accept payment with Indian audience. There are many free payment gateways like PayPal, Payza etc. which are working fabulous but […]

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