AirDroid Android APP

Airdroid Android App Installation

AirDroid Android APP (APK ) helps you in connect & transfer files. Download AirDroid APP for PC, Mac, Windows etc. and transfer your files on cross devices. Read full review here.

Best free antivirus for android

Best free Android Anti Virus

Now a day’s Android devices like mobile phone, tablets etc. have got various virus, malware attacks. To protect your mobile phone from these attacks you may use free antivirus for android. These are 4 top antiviruses which can be used in android mobiles and android tablets devices.

Top factors that affect the resale value of a residential property in Delhi

Have you considered rent house in coimbatore? While buying a property, the resale value is a vital point that is considered by most of the potential buyers. Since a residential flat or a property is one of the most valuable assets for a person, he ensures that it will fulfil the needs of his family […]

Food is now easily available


Are you a foodie? Do you stay hungry most of the times? Do you like to taste food of various restaurants nearby you? Do you like to visit these restaurants? Indeed yes! The ambience might have been so sorted that none would like to leave the place. But one fine day, you plan it with […]

Formulating SMS marketing strategies

SMS marketing strategies involves identifying the marketing needs of an organization and adopting corrective measures and plans to run them or fix them to make optimum utilization as well as to achieve efficiency as well as effectiveness. This includes doing proper marketing research and knowing about the external business environment because business environment is uncertain […]

Avail the exclusive tips for call centre jobs in Mumbai

It is never simple to manage a call center jobs in Mumbai, regardless of the service they supply. This can be very true throughout such economic slumps. There’s nobody factor you’ll be able to do to higher manage your Toronto call center. However, by following bound mantras, you’ll be able to undoubtedly improve your decision […]

Common risks involved in using an online payment system in a business environment

Common risks involved

E-commerce is becoming a trend of modern economy,thus to make the business more fruitful the service lenders today are offering online payment systems. Online payment generally refers to electronic exchange of money. It includes well settled computer networks, digital stored value systems along with the internet. In addition, today every industry, from shopping sites to […]

What things to do when your Android Phone is Stolen?


The Android smartphone of yours has now become the personal computer for your all uses. No other device is with you, how long your smartphone is with you every day. Your all essential details, data, photos are stored on your Android smartphone. Assume that if your precious Android phone is stolen or lost somewhere than […]

How does internet speed differ around the world

speed test

Since its humble beginnings as a research project over 40 years ago, the Internet has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon that is deeply integrated with virtually every aspect of modern life.

ASUS All-in-one PC ET2040IUK


ASUS All-in-one PC ET2040IUK – A straightforward, stylish and speedy solution to all home computing requirements Gone are the times when the picture of an all-in-one (AIO) will emerge as a traditional large additional space taking PC to you. A whole pioneering form factor has been brought forward in order to meet up your current […]

Download WhatsApp Messenger

The present era belongs to tech savvy people who are very well versed with modern technology. Today the market is flooded with new phones every day. Especially the market of mobile phones is dominated by smartphones. To make the communication easier designers have come up with many new applications.

New year Wishes for our Beloved Users


The starting of New Year always brings some hope, some resolutions and some commitments with it. Everyone wants to set some goals, priorities for his future and head towards to fulfill them. On this auspicious New Year eve of 2015, Ktechie also wants its users to wish them a very happy New Year for their […]

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